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Can you make this simple? What is my monthly rate?

HughesNet offers monthly rates from as low as $29.99 up to $129.99 per month. You decide which plan best suits your needs.
Hughesnet even offers you a discount on select plans for the first 24 months! A great way to get started with the best Satellite Internet Service!

What are the requirements for the best pricing?
  • Best pricing starts with a 24 month commitment to receive the lowest monthly rate.
    If you should have to cancel before that time, there is a fee for early termination.
  • Payment by major credit card or debit card is required.
  • Use of HughesNet equipment and service - you can buy, lease or lease to own!
  • For best pricing, your HughesNet service must remain active during the minimum activation period.
  • Promotional rebates must be received by mail before the expiration date.
  • Some restrictions apply, special promotions may be void where prohibited.
  • Contact our friendly customer support staff for more details.
Are the speeds I see stated guaranteed at all times no matter what?
  • No one can guarantee top speeds in every situation. Many factors such as personal computer configuration, number of online users, Internet traffic and network congestion, etc have an impact on speed. Maximum speeds can be reduced during peak times.
  • Speeds and uninterrupted service cannot be guaranteed. Uploading and downloading speeds at peak time will be lower.
  • The good news is that HughesNet is consistently rated #1 by the FCC for advertised Internet speed. Even with some variations, you should still have excellent service with HughesNet Satellite Internet.
What is included with a professional installation?
  • HughesNet Satellite Modem Indoor Unit (IDU) with power supply
  • LAN cable (HughesNet supplied) to connect to your computer
  • HughesNet satellite dish antenna, radio, and mount located:
    • Within a clear line of sight to the southern sky;
    • A minimum of four feet above the ground (over the reach of small children);
    • Within reach of a 24-25 foot ladder should servicing be required - (usually first level of home).
  • Dual RG-6 cable (up to 125 feet) to be connected from the outside antenna to the computer inside going through one exterior wall and one interior wall. A two-connector faceplate to be connected to the cable end on the inside wall.
  • Grounding block and NEC-approved bonding point in order to ground the entire system.
  • Weather sealing for all outdoor penetrations and compression fittings.
How quickly will I be up and running?
  • As quickly as 24-48 hours depending on availability of local installers
    Our customer support team can check local availability for fast service.
Can the HughesNet-certified installer set up my home network and wireless router?
  • When you call to set an appointment, one of our customer support team will be glad to check if this service is available at an additional cost through your local installer.
    Home networks are not covered or included by Hughes technical support.
What’s not included in a standard installation?
  • Custom work such as moldings or cosmetic hardware to cover cable.
  • Pole, chimney or any non-penetrating roof mount. (Any complex installation should be discussed in advance with your installer).
  • Repair or removal of mounted equipment previously installed (unless there is a signed Waiver of Liability).
  • Roof mount higher than one story.
  • Cosmetic pole mount. (A pole mount is included only if needed for a clear view of southern sky).

HughesNet Satellite High Speed Internet Connects You to the World-a Little History

Way back in 1993, the Hughes Aircraft Company filed a license to launch a communications satellite. The result was faster communication by internet! Other companies followed suit.

Even in the remotest regions of the world that either had no phone lines or could not provide the bandwidth, faster internet connectivity was the result.

In 2001, HughesNet launched it’s ViaSat-1 satellite. The result was faster downloads from 1Mbs to an amazing 12+Mbps.

HughesNet led the way and broadened the path to greater ease in communications for the consumer.

Hughesnet is a name you can trust to keep pace with your Internet needs.

A Quick View of Your Communication System-Wow!

At your location:

From HughesNet:

By continuous improvement, creativity and innovation, Hughesnet provides easy, fast satellite Internet at the best possible price.

A variety of plan packages and budget friendly prices are available. Call our friendly customer support team or check us out on line today!